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mooi kind

Gender-Neutral Clothing & Accessories

Translating to “beautiful child” in Dutch, Mooi Kind (moy kint) is a largely hand-made clothing & accessory brand designed for all children and made to be passed down proudly.

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Thoughtfully designed clothing for kids of all ages, sizes and genders. All non-printed apparel is handmade in Ohio.


Versatile headbands, hats, booties for your little ones.

Salves & Skin

Blends of essential oils for various uses like calming your littles, easing teething pains, moisturizing after bath, and diaper rash.

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What others say about Mooi Kind

"We need to hurry up and get pregnant so we can have the coolest dressed kid!!"
Cleveland Flea Customer
״I'm happy to finally have clothing I can pass between ALL my kids!!״
Retail store Customer

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